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1.5 - The Green Of Life by andraaaaa 1.5 - The Green Of Life by andraaaaa
2012 UPDATE: wow this upload and description is circa 2008... i wonder if the stuff written here still makes sense LOL (im not bothering myself to read it through right now, maybe later) but in any case, some "Green of Life" songs can be heard now here: [link] thanks if ur interested :)

The 'Mandala Semesta ' tarot
1.5 - The Green Of Life

The 'Mandala Semesta' tarot is a combination of traditional tarot card meanings with 'subconciously made abstract mandala drawings'. So I studied each card and made mandalas out of them...drawing whatever I 'felt' about each card...the mandala on the lower right corner of the cards illustrates the reversed meanings

This is a 'The Green Of Life card' a type of card I made myself. It is inspired by my folk solo-project 'Green Of Life' ... (UPDATE: NOT ACTIVE AT ALL FOR NOW) so basically when I drew the mandala I thought about 'me' hahaha (the name of the band 'green of life' is inspired by the Bright Eyes song 'June on the west coast')

'The Green Of Life' is esentially half-magician, half-high priestess...this card shares a little bit of both uses the magician's power and control but is filled with the high priestess' wisdom and creativity

The green of life illustrates the minority of youth today, who is determined, peaceful, open-minded and free, creative and is ready to face the world as themselves with overhelming confidence and honesty.

On the top-left corner there's a picture of an infinity symbol that shows the 'worldly power and control' demonstrated by the magician

on the top-right corner there's a picture of a resembles 'spirituality' a good individual needs a strong soul.

On the bottom-left corner are little creatures of my imagination called 'Dukus' I created them when I was in kindergarten and they live in a highly socialized community underneath the earth :) :)... Now they are the official symbol of my 'creativity'

On the bottom-right corner is a picture that is similar to the mandala-semesta rendition of 'the lovers' so it means for people, love for life and all the others : )

-may have the same meaning as the magician or the high priestess in a reading
-atonement, peace
-control over your power, spirituality, creativity and love (depends on the querent's case)
-Power and control governed by wisdom (or vice versa)
-Free from all fear

-False wisdom or power
-negative factors of both the magician and the high priestess
-unrealized dreams

maybe one day I'll make a picture of this card the way it would be shown in decks such as the rider-waite hahaha

[if you want to make your own green of life card hahaha...follow these instructions (this is fun :)):

-the main figure is that of a 20th/21th century 17 year old, doesn't matter whether he/she's just a normal boy/girl or from any 'rock' subcultures...what's important here is that he's not afraid to express himself.
-He/she is holding an instrument...personalised in a way that nobody else would think about, in my case it's an acoustic guitar with 3 mandalas pasted on random sides and a sanskrit word vyapetabiih (free from all fear) written on it
-He is in his room or garden, possibly dreaming and thinking of a time when he will finally spread his message to the world...or just daydreaming, the background must have nature in it so if it's in a room there must be an open window.
-4 objects are scattered ala the magician...they are everyday objects or toys in his room shaped to represent power, spirituality, creativity and love (for example...I have a Mario desktop figure holding a magic mushroom necklace for 'spirituality' and a velociraptor doll shaped as an ouroboros (yep I stuck its tail on its mouth haha) for 'creativity')

comments please : )
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